This is where some of your questions will be answered. You can always contact us here with any questions you may have or even if you just want to shoot the shit. Get it, shoot...? Strapt is a gun apparel company... Shoot/Strapt anyway, you get the idea.

Where are the shirts made?

Simple answer is the good ole US of A! All of the shirts are manufactured and printed here in the US.

What are the shirts made out of?

We would love to tell you that they are made out of exotic, other world materials but the truth is they are a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. You may ask why we chose this blend? Well, after testing many shirts we found that this blend fits the best, is super soft and most of all look and feel great!

Why did you print the label on the back?

First of all we think it looks cool and second, if you are coming or going you want people to know that you got Strapt. 

How do Strapt shirts fit, what is the cut like?

We like to say they have a fashionable cut. So they are not very loose but not overly tight. They are just right. These shirts don't bind at the underarm, the sleeves hug your arms, they don't get that "bat wing" effect and have the right length. It's a really nice shirt.

What's the best way to care for my shirts?

Turn the shirt inside out, wash cold and hang dry. If you put the shirt in the dryer, it will shrink a little bit. This is normal.