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Welcome to Strapt

We've created a brand that captures our love of firearms and the awesomeness of shooting sports. By focusing on design instead of the "message", our apparel, hopefully, speaks to more than just the enthusiast... 

Three Things...

Design Theory

Strapped is all about flat graphics, fat lines and blackletter typography. Heavily influenced by street art and minimalism. There is nothing cooler than a tagged up city wall. We are not tactical and never take ourselves too seriously. 

Made in America

When we started discussing this line of gun apparel we felt it was absolutely vital that all of our garments be made here in the USA. We wanted to be a part of bringing manufacturing back to America. 

Limited Designs

Don't worry, more are coming. When we thought about how we shop online, after browsing through tons of products we wouldn't end up buying anything. This is why we have three items right now. Some designs will be limited and once sold out they will be retired.

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