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Don't be Plaxico


Plax was a serious athlete but how baller can anyone look shooting themselves in the leg with their own gun? Before you start handling firearms you should know the Four Laws of Gun Safety. These safety rules are universal in their importance that apply to any gun no matter the make or model.

1) All Guns are always loaded.
That is until you check it for yourself to ensure it is not loaded, also called “clearing”. If you clear a gun, then put it down, consider it loaded again.

2) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
If you’ve seen the movie Pulp Fiction, you know what can happen by leaving your finger on the trigger – accidental discharge… brains everywhere…body disposal. Your trigger finger should be completely out of the trigger area weather loaded or not. Run your finger along the side of the gun until they have acquired the target and are ready to shoot.

3) Don’t point a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
This goes for pets, property, friends, neighbors… anything. It doesn’t matter if you have cleared the weapon, it’s a bad habit so don’t do it.

4) Be sure of your target.
You must be sure what you are shooting at before you pull that trigger. You don’t shoot at sounds, silhouettes or general areas… you shoot at identified targets that you are looking to destroy. You’re also responsible for what sits behind or next to that target. When you are sure then you shoot.

If you follow these simple laws, you should never have a problem. In fact, you would have to break two or more of these laws at the same time to have something serious happen. Commit these to memory and make them part of your consciousness.


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